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Sims Story: Chloe & Lex's Sims Adventure

There are two things I’ve been wanting to do lately. to do. Get back into writing fic, and write a Sims story. Well, thanks to some comments made on a message board I frequent (this one right here) the two ideas sort of merged in my brain. I thought, “Hey, I could write a Sims story using, say, Chloe and Lex. That could be fun!”

In a Sims Story is, you basically create some Sims, follow them through their life, and write about what they do and what happens to them. Usually with pictures. And you try to do it in a way that tells an interesting story.

I’ve never done a Sims Story before, but I think it will be fun. Let’s see, shall we?

I'm using the Sims 3, by the way. I'm not playing with any extensions because they slow down my game. But I might up and install one while playing.  

Now on to the story.

Chapter 1: Moving On Down...for a While

Our story begins some time in season 4, and things are pretty normal for good old Smallville. Lionel has wheedled his way out of prison. Lex thinks he and Clark might possibly maybe be friends again…but he’s not sure. And Chloe is bending over backwards for her friends, who don’t really seem to appreciate it. You know, the usual.

One day, Lex is working in his study (mostly trying to think of ways not to have to deal with his father) when the door bursts open.

In marches Chloe, looking as intense and determined as he’s ever seen her. Which is saying something.

“You know what?” she began without preamble. “If we don’t get out of here, this town is going to drive the both of us nuts. That or kill us!”

A thoughtful frown puckering his brow, Lex idly rubbed his chin. She did have a point. Despite its quaint and peaceful small town image, Smallville didn’t seem very healthy for anyone. Especially the two of them.

Leaning back in his chair, he cast a signature smirk in her direction. “I gather you have something in mind.”

As a matter of fact, she did. Chloe proposed that they start over fresh somewhere completely new. Somewhere where they didn’t know anyone and (more importantly) no one knew them.

A place like Sunset Valley.

At first, Lex was skeptical. But the more Chloe talked, the more he started to like the idea.

Making the move didn’t take as long as they were expecting. Because of the wreck Lionel had made of her life, Chloe didn’t have all that much to her name to pack up. What she didn’t leave for Lois or her dad, she sold to help finance her new start.

As we all know, when Lex decides to do something, he doesn’t do it halfway. As far as he was concerned, leaving it all behind and starting over from scratch meant just that…leaving it all behind, including his wealth and all of the trappings that went with it. It was a frightening prospect, but Lex had no doubt he would land on his feet. And would soon be blazing his way back to the top.

Plus he was looking forward to showing dear old dad that he could make it on his own just fine, thank you.  

Do you want to see what Sim!Lex and Sim!Chloe look like? Well, here you go. Keep in mind I’m not one of those magicians who can make Sims look exactly like anyone they want. But I think I got pretty close.

This is Lex Luthor. Guess what his favorite color is.

Lex’s goal? To make it to the top of Sunset Valley’s business world…and then buy the whole town. :)

He thought about getting into local politics. But the political scene in Sunset Valley didn’t seem all that interesting. Besides, owning the whole town sounded a lot more fun.

This is Chloe Sullivan. She's going through a green phase.

Chloe is a bit undecided about her career path. Pursuing the journalism career seems like a natural. But the journalism track leads to a job as a TV anchorperson, and she’s not sure that’s for her.

Her second option is to work from home as a freelance writer, penning candid biographies and scathingly honest exposes. Writing books that really dig into the ugly truth about whatever or whoever she chooses.

Oh, well. She has time to figure it out.  

Lex and Chloe are just roommates. Heck, as far as they're concerned, they barely qualify as casual acquaintances. They decided to live together (platonically) because they don’t have much money individually, and figured they could get a better house together than they each could afford separately. Besides, it’ll be nice to be close to a familiar face in a town full of strangers.

Of course, one never knows what might happen…

Here they are, arriving at their new home in SV. (Which, as you might have noticed, has the same initials as Smallville. But, when I say SV in this story, I mean Sunset Valley.)

Lex and Chloe don’t have much in the way of money, so they bought the biggest house they could afford. It isn’t much, but they call it home.

Almost immediately, they got into a heated discussion.

I’m pretty sure they're talking about the décor, and how they must redecorate immediately.

This is what their new home looks like right now from overhead.

They bought the place furnished, and it’s not exactly to either of their tastes. But they intend to fix that as soon as possible.

And here’s the paperboy.

No reason, I just think the paperboys/papergirls are adorable. And, hey, you can see Chloe’s back through the window.

And thus begins Chloe and Lex’s Sims Adventure. What will happen? Stay tuned and find out.


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Aug. 22nd, 2014 07:58 pm (UTC)
Adorable! I just got through reading up through chapter 7 on NS (http://forums.naughty-seduction.net/showthread.php/8821-A-Chlexy-Sims-Adventure-%28PG%29-Update-Mon-1-28) and wanted to say 'thank you' for leaving Sim Lex and Sim Chloe in such a good place in their lives.

Also, how neat is it that Lex and Chloe fell in love in the simulation, given half a chance to spend non-adversarial time together? :)
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