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Fic: Fade Away (Lisa)

Title: Fade Away (1/1)
Author: dannyblue
Fandom: Lisa (a film from 1989/1990)
Word Count: A little over 200 words.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "She avoided looking in mirrors for a long time after that night."
Warnings: If you haven't seen the movie Lisa, and don't want to be spoiled for it, do not read this fic.
Disclaimer: I do not own Lisa, or any of its characters.
Author's Note: I don't know why I suddenly got the urge to write a fic for this film. I was just thrilled to be writing again. Plus I've always liked Lisa. After watching it, I often wonder how the 14 year-old main character will deal with everything post-movie. And a fic was eventually born. :)

She avoided looking in mirrors for a long time after that night. Because, when she did, all she could see were the bruises. A livid, purple handprint encircled her neck like a collar. A stain she couldn't wash away, no matter how hard she tried.

She'd freeze, unable to tear her eyes away from the bruises reflecting back at her. Heart pounding harder and harder until it was all she could hear. And, suddenly, she couldn't think. Every rational thought was swept away by something sharp and cold. And she couldn't breathe. She tried, but her throat was locked, and all she could do was make these raspy, gasping sounds.

That's when the world around her started to fade, inky black bleeding in around the edges of her vision. And she was back in that room, his hand wrapped tight around her neck. Looking at her in a way that made her want to curl into a ball on the floor and hide as much of herself from him as she could.

She was in that room, and he was pushing her back towards the bed. And no matter how hard she fought--no matter how hard she kicked, and clawed, and tried to dig her feet into the floor--she couldn't stop.

She'd "wake up" on the floor, Mom's arms wrapped tight around her as she tried to catch her breath. Unable to because the sobs were choking her.

So she avoided mirrors until the bruises faded. She knew they'd always be there, that she'd always feel them. But things were a little better when she couldn't see them anymore.



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